Legal & General Language Services Ltd covers all the major languages of the world and specifically, many widely-spoken community languages.  We recognise the need for fast and easy access to reliable interpreting and translation services to ensure effective two-way communication with clients in the language they understand.

Established by a qualified National Register Public Service Interpreter with over 17 years’ experience in the world of interpreting and translation, Legal & General Language Services Ltd is driven by a true understanding of the importance of accurately conveying the meaning of the spoken and written word.  Our team of qualified interpreters and translators, many of whom have been working with us for years, share this understanding and are committed to delivering a quality service to our clients. 

Our stringent registration procedures ensure the quality of service we demand for our clients. All 
our interpreters/translators are CRB-checked and, due to the nature of much of our work, they
are required to sign confidentiality agreements and adhere to our strict code of ethics and good practice guidelines.

Whilst our main focus is the legal sector, gained from years of working together with courts, police and solicitors, we also have a wealth of experience in many other areas such as social work (sensitive family issues such as divorce, disputes and child care), medical matters and also general interpreting and translation (e.g. of birth, marriage and death certificates as required by the courts, Home Office, etc).